Thursday, October 15, 2009

Improving the Rescue

Read Romans 5:20-6:2

First, a story:
George sat in the chopper, struggling to catch his breath. He struggled to comprehend what had happened to him. Only moments ago, he had been floating in the Pacific Ocean - just - a hundred and fifty kilometres from the coast, clinging to the EPIRB beacon from his recently sunken yacht. Now he sat in the Capricorn Rescue Helicopter, hovering above the sea.

George began to realise just how great his salvation had been. What made it so great, he realised, was how much trouble he had been in, and the consequent effort that had gone into the rescue. Being rescued this far out at sea was a big deal. He was so thankful for what had been done for him, he felt like bursting.

Then, he thought, if his rescue was a big deal now, how much greater would it be if his predicament only got worse? How could he do that? There was only one way. Before the other men in the chopper could react, he crawled to the door of the chopper and jumped back into the sea.

I enjoy writing fiction, but that was beyond belief, wasn't it? If the greatness of our salvation is proportional to the greatness of our sin, why don't we make our salvation even greater by sinning more? By no means! It's a nonsense - it's ridiculous - just as ridiculous as my little story. But then, don't we think that way sometimes anyway?


Geoff maritz said...

Yes that is an insane story but unfortunately we all tend to forget just how much our salvation has cost but the lord is patient and a realy good chopper pilot and will never leave us nor forsake us even when we are stupid and ungrateful.

Steve Finnell said...

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